Entrance in Numansdorp

Garden designer: Eric Bijl
Installed by: Eric Bijl
Location: Numansdorp
Application: Entrance
Photography: Cees Rijnen
Products: Large format slab 1000x1000x5 Carbon
Block model 1000x400x20 Carbon
Pool coping 1000x1000x5 Carbon
Curb stone 1000x200x5 Carbon

The home owners wanted a very low-maintenance outdoor space that would blend in with the polder landscape. Panoramic view and greenery were to be the highlights. A combination of Schellevis® tiles and gravel was chosen for the entrance, giving a playful and spacious appearance. Combining the tiles with gravel ensures good drainage. The combination of gravel and Schellevis® products was used elsewhere around the outside of the house.

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