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We believe it's important that an outdoor space is well-balanced and exudes tranquillity. Because in a living environment like that, you can relax; you're in your element, enjoying it. Whether alone or together with others. The outdoor space is the domain of Schellevis® and nature is a major source of inspiration. We connect architecture with nature, with respect for the environment. That's how we contribute to a sustainable, natural experience of the outdoor space.

We're a good age now, with a history going back almost 85 years. But in terms of ambition and drive, we're young, innovative, a touch unconventional and alive and kicking. In the past, the focus was on producing concrete products for tree-growers and horticulture. These days, we mainly produce concrete products designed to be used in gardens, on patios and in public spaces.

The entire range has the same Schellevis® appearance. Used in combinations, the products help transform every outdoor space into a harmonious, timeless living environment. And everything is possible. Because as far as we're concerned, there's a mould for every idea. We're happy to help shape and produce creative designs.

Naturally, we can personally tell you a lot about ourselves but what other people think about us is definitely just as important. So we asked some of our partners to share with us their experience with Schellevis®. Read why they choose to work with Schellevis®, each from their own professional field.

Bart van den Pasch Design agency BvdP
Designing with Schellevis® brings tranquillity to the whole.

I create around 100 garden designs a year and make regular use of Schellevis® products. A garden experience is for me a green experience. The paving forms the connecting element and provides the design with structure, lines and cohesion. That makes the paving an important element in the garden, but at the same time it also plays a secondary role to the green experience of a garden.

The various elements, such as tiles, steps, coping stones and soil retaining walls in a uniform structure and colour emphasise the design without detracting from it. Schellevis® products do this very well. At a detail level, the tiles have a robustness, an air of wilfulness. After that, nature can take its course.

For every problem, there's a solution

Here at DON Hoveniers we've been working with Schellevis® products for years now. We do that not only because they make the largest range of concrete tiles but also because they are always innovative and accessible too. The communication is always pleasant. If the garden poses challenges that have to be overcome, Schellevis® always has a product or a solution for it.

Martijn Poortvliet DON Hoveniers
Robert Henken Henken Veenendaal
It's timeless and it stays beautiful

We're a close family company with around 35 employees and last April, we celebrated our 90-year anniversary. We've been working with Schellevis® for more than 20 years, and with pleasure. The quality is good and it's a unique product with a great many possibilities. And as far as I'm concerned, it's timeless, because it has already withstood many trends. It stays beautiful. Which is also the reason we chose Schellevis® products for our own back garden.

Company facts

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Our motivation

We don't only want our products to be sustainable and versatile. They must also contribute to the natural experience of the outdoor space.

Our uniqueness

We produce timeless paving and elements that help create balance and tranquillity in the
outdoor space.

Our products

We create a select but deep range of artisan paving that feel right at home in a number of places: around the outside of the house, on the roof and in public outdoor spaces.

Our logo

Our logo

The Schellevis® logo is inspired by nature. The stacked tiles open out into a leaf. This is how we illustrate the connection between our product and the natural outdoor space. The colour orange symbolises our Dutch origins.

Our pay-off

‘Guided by nature’ is the Schellevis® brand promise. This pay-off expresses our company’s identity powerfully and concisely. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, nature provides direction and a basis for the design of gardens, patios and public spaces. Our distinctive concrete slabs and elements enhance outdoor spaces in a natural and harmonious way. Schellevis® garden designs follow and support nature. This is how we wish to make a modest contribution to the well-being of people outdoors.

Guided by nature

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