Schellevis® Curb stones

Schellevis® elongated curb stones are used to divide paving from greenery. Containment is also necessary to prevent paving subsiding. The edgings have the characteristic Schellevis® structure with smooth underside and it are available in a variety of dimensions and colours. Thanks to their recognisable traditional Dutch appearance and structure,the curb stones are easy to combine with other products in the Schellevis® range.


The Schellevis® colour range consists of 6 basic colours, each of which is made using natural colouring agents and inspired by colours you would see in nature.

Unique appearance

The open structure, also known as traditional Dutch structure, is unique to Schellevis® products.


The use of reinforcement makes sure the curb stones can be used vertically too. For example to ceate a border or elevation.

Curb stones used in...

Schellevis® range

Combine the different Schellevis® products together in a design to create balance and tranquillity in the outdoor space. Take a look at the other products from our range.


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