Schellevis® Steps

Would you like to create differences in height in your garden, or on the contrary, bridge them? Schellevis® has steps in its range, especially for use in such situations. The steps are available in two models. You can choose a step model with a slightly rounded top on one side. Or you can go for an L-shaped model, with a short upstanding edge on the top.


Steps have the same structure as for example the slabs, curb stones or block pavers. Combine them together to create balance and tranquillity in the outdoor space.


Our products offer a wide array of possibilities for designing the outdoor space. In every type and every style: from modern to classic and from farmhouse to city home. Schellevis® products provide balance and always support the design.


All block pavers are tested on their slip resistance and have a R13 norm. This means the highest resistance.

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Schellevis® Range

Combine the different Schellevis® products together in a design to create balance and tranquillity in the outdoor space. Take a look at the other products from our range.

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