Schellevis® large format slabs

Schellevis® large format slabs are the most striking products in the range. These iconic products are popular thanks to the many applications possible. The large format slabs can easily be combined with other products in the Schellevis® range. Combining the slabs with materials such as corten steel, wood and clay pavers also creates a beautiful appearance.

Wide range

The wide range of sizes available in Schellevis® large format slabs is unending.

Unique appearance

The open structure, also known as traditional Dutch structure of Schellevis® products is unique in its kind.

Create tranquility

Large surfaces have fewer visible joints and the long sleek lines ensure a tranquil and balanced outdoor space. Most dimensions can also be used vertically

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Combine the different Schellevis® products together in a design to create balance and tranquillity in the outdoor space. Take a look at the other products from our range.

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