Schellevis® Block pavers

Schellevis® block pavers are ideal for use on a patio or driveway. Schellevis® block pavers are available in two sizes and a variety of colours. Thanks to their recognisable traditional Dutch appearance and structure, the block pavers are easy to combine with other products in the Schellevis® range. Particularly if you choose those products in the same colour.


All products are made from natural raw materials and are 100% recyclable

Freedom of design

They are also often used as edging or a decorative connection. That might be mosaic with a herringbone or stretcher bond, for example.


All block pavers are tested on their slip resistance and have a R13 norm. This means the highest resistance.

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Schellevis® range

Combine the different Schellevis® products together in a design to create balance and tranquillity in the outdoor space. Take a look at the other products from our range.

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