18 May 2022

Schellevis® certified CSC Silver

On 17 May 2022, Schellevis® was one of the first producers of concrete to be awarded the CSC Certificate.

CSC certificering

Independent assessment

Just as we do in the case of quality, we ask independent bodies to assess our level of sustainability. KIWA carried out our CSC audit and on 17 May 2022, we were one of the first producers of concrete to be awarded the CSC Certificate.

What does that mean?

CSC stands for Concrete Sustainability Council and is a worldwide quality certificate for concrete. It guarantees the sustainable production of concrete. Certificate holders may only carry CSC if they meet strict requirements with regard to reliability, expertise, sustainability and occupational safety. In addition, certificate holders give advice on the environmental profile of concrete and supply high-quality concrete. They also aim for significant use of secondary materials and have to be able to demonstrate the responsible origin of raw materials.

Click here to read more about the sustainability policy at Schellevis®.

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