3 June 2022

'Sometimes you have to change to stay yourself'

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace. And Schellevis® too moves with the dynamics of these times. We adapt in order to continue to grow and a different identity is part of that.

New Schellevis® house style.

New Schellevis® house style.

With the outdoor space as domain and nature as major source of inspiration, we feel it's important to have this reflected in word and image. We are therefore introducing a new house style. That includes a new logo, colour range and pay-off, all of which has been translated into new documentation and a new website.

It's a website we hope will inform you but above all, inspire you. So we’ll show you a number of special projects realised using Schellevis® products. We hope they will give you ideas for creating an outdoor space that's right for you.

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